Children love to visit Santa in
his Grotto.

“Ho ho ho!”

We are fortunate that Father Christmas manages to find time to be with us every year. Children are able to visit Santa in his cosy grotto, tucked away in the warmth of the Christmas Barn.

Santa also has a special post box for children’s wish list letters. His hard-working elves collect the letters every day and make sure they get to Santa.

Things were a little different in the Grotto this year as we all had to maintain our social distance, for a very good reason. We found out from the internet that Santa is 1,749 years old! Of course, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet and Santa says he stopped counting at 550. But even if he is only 550 years old, that surely puts him in the high-risk category for Covid-19, so social distancing was very important indeed. Santa really is a magical old soul but he had a huge distance to travel with his reindeer on Christmas Eve and a great deal of work to get done. We certainly couldn’t afford for him to get poorly.

There’s no need to book to see Santa and there’s absolutely no charge for children to visit him. All we ask is that you kindly make a donation to the LOROS charity.

Despite the difficulties of the Covid pandemic, we are delighted to report that leading up to Christmas 2020, Santa’s Grotto set a Grange Farm Christmas Barn record by raising more than £2,600 for our charity. We thank you for your exceptionally kind generosity in these challenging times.

“My elf helpers have been busy all year making lovely gifts for good children.”
Santa Claus
“Look out for Santa at the Christmas Barn. Be sure to catch him before he dashes off to deliver presents.”
Santa's Chief Elf